Feather River Men's Center

A California Stated Licensed Facility 

 Phone: 530-695-8006

Feather River Men's Center
A California State Licensed Facility

If you Change your Heart,

You will

Change your life.

Welcome To The Feather River Men's Center
The Feather River Men's Center is a non-profit, faith based residential recovery center. We provide the tools necessary to conquer addictions, restore lives, and reunite families. The success of the program has continued to be achieved from our philosophy of healing the entire family. We believe that a student will have the best opportunity to succeed if there is a healthy place to thrive. Victory over drug or alcohol abuse can be measured by becoming a drug free, productive member of society.  Usually, these men are able to reconcile with loved ones, become a respected father, a loving and supportive husband, a dependable friend and a responsible member of society.